Visual Art

To request a print or an original, or to commission a work, please contact me, Thanks!



We Need You Here. 8×8. 6/2/17 (acrylic on canvas board)



5.28.17 (Acrylic, film, ink, paper, on canvas board) 14x18in



Don Quixote 5/27/17 (acrylic on canvas board, 8x8in)



What Cage (acrylic on canvas board, 8x8in) 5/24/17




Caged Out (8x8in acrylic on canvas board)



Comorbidities 5/13/17 (acrylic on canvas board)



Inadequacy Acceptance 5/18/17 (acrylic on canvas board, 11×14)



Listen Slow (acrylic on canvas board, 11x14in) 5/14/17





Apple Eye II (acrylic on canvas board, 22x28in) 5/4/17




Red Is Your Power Color (acrylic on canvas, 14x18in) 4/24/17




Stained Gate 4/18/17 (paper, ink, acrylic, on canvas board)



Roots of Creation 4/11/17 (acrylic, paper, and ink on canvas board 14x18in)



A is for Adenoma 4/17 (acrylic on canvas board 14x18in)



Crazymakers 3/17 (acrylic on canvas board 14x18in)



Skin on Hair on Skin (acrylic on canvas board) 3/17



Ketamine Study 2016 (acrylic and oil pastels on canvas board)



My Mind’s Eye 6/14 (oil pastels and pencil on paper)


Maze Hallucinations (pastels and pencil on paper 6/14)
Piranha Rose (watercolor on paper 6/14
Nameless Feral Cat 6/14 (pastels and pencil on paper)


Jeanette’s Tree 6/14 (watercolors and pastels on paper)


Stained Heart 6/14 (Pastel on Canvas)