WaterLynx Solo Album Release and Tour



12/2/16- The Island of Gambazini Presents @ Hell Phone 8PM: WaterLynx

12/3/16- Private Solo Benefit Concert, Carroll Gardens, Brooklyn

11/16/16- Benefit Show for RAINN with Public Speaking, Jason Harris and Storm Garner

10/7/16- Borrowed Birds Record Label Launch Show: WaterLynx

2/26/16-2/28/16  XFest – an annual festival of improvised music, visuals and movement, performed with SLEEP TALK and improvised in random groups

1/9/16 Natalia Steinbach WaterLynx Set @ My Life in the Bush of Ghosts alongside Matt Luczak, Third Party, Out Da Pocket, Anrrea Dune, and Animals against Humans

12/15 Solo Set for The Brooklyn Experimental Song Revival @ Panoply Performance Laboratory

12/12 Solo Set with guests including Alex Cohen on drums for Non Grata’s Diverse Universe @ The Gowanus Ballroom

10/31 Improv&Metal Duo with Alex Cohen @ R&D Studios in Bushwick, Halloween Show

10/28 Improv&Metal Duo with Alex Cohen @ Panoply Performance Laboratory for David Grollman’s Birthday Show!

10/22 NRC @ Grace Exhibition Space for Trauma Salon in Brooklyn as part of PF: QUINQ

The Brooklyn Experimental Song Carnival:

10/7 NRC @ Panoply Performance Laboratory with Jeff Young, Anais Maviel, and Ellen O

10/3 NRC @ Panoply Performance Laboratory with Grex, India Czajkowska, and PPL

9/30 NRC @ Bushwick Community Darkroom with April Fish, Jaggery, and Frogbelly and Symphony

9/25 NRC @ Torus Porta with M. Lamar, H. Honne Wells, Timeghost

9/22 NRC @ JACK with Emile Lesbros, Lipchitz, Laurie Amat, and Jonathan Wood Vincent

  • 9/12 NRC @ The Cloud Club in Boston, MA with Joy On Fire
  • 9/16 NRC @ Bar Matchless in Brooklyn, NY with Hungry March Band, and The Human JukeBox Brass Band
  • 9/20 The Music and Art of Paul J. Gallagher hosted by Ella Ackerman with Valerie Kuehne and Martha Cargo
  • 9/21 NRC @ Spectrum in New York, NY with The Jazzfakers, Aaron Moore, Adam Bohman and Clive Graham, andSchuyler Tsuda