June 29th at 8pm: OmniCortex #7 at the Bushwick Community Darkroom with performances by the WaterLynx Trio, Ian Goldstein, and Anjoli Chadha

$10 in advance $15 at the Door (All Proceeds Go to the Performers)

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June 30th at 3pm: OmniCortex #8 Family Friendly! at the Bushwick Community Darkroom with performances by Rachel Hutchins, Ian Goldstein, and Wise & Young

$10 in advance $15 at the Door (All Proceeds Go to the Performers)

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July 6th Animal Engine Presents “Petunia & Chicken” at the Kraine Theater

One Night Only 7/6/19 7pm-8:30

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Play by Carrie Brown and Karim Muasher

Music by Natalia Steinbach



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August 11th Polina Riabov’s Zine Release: Performance by WaterLynx Trio






6/5/19: WaterLynx Trio at C’mon Everybody organized by Floor Door Records

5/16/19: WaterLynx EP Release Show with the WaterLynx Trio and Feeding Goats at Pine Box Rock Shop

5/11/19: Composer/Improvisor on Violin with Arch Ballet at Kumble Theater- “Every Fiber of Her Being” with Periapsis Open Series

4/27/19: OmniCortex #6 with Feeding Goats, Dancers/Artists Anjoli Chadha and Si Golraine, Visual Art on Display by Gytis Simaitis, Malini Sridharan and band, and Comedy and Music by Ian Goldstein

4/13/19: Feeding Goats performing with Anjoli Chadha and Si Golraine at Snug Harbor, Staten Island

4/7/19: Coney Island Ritual Cabaret performing Face Your Face by Anjoli Chadha and Si Golraine with Feeding Goats (Michael & Yonat Hafftka, Cameron Mizell, Natalia Steinbach)

3/16/19: OmniCortex Series #5 with Leah Asher, Feeding Goats (Michael & Yonat Hafftka, Cameron Mizell, Natalia Steinbach), WaterLynx Trio plays Bach (Allyson Clare, Chloe Golding, Natalia Steinbach), and Anomylos Ensemble (Amos Fisher)

2/28/19: Quitters Comedy Show at C’mon Everybody with Ian Goldstein and Sam Corbin

12/15/18: 4th OmniCortex Show- a mostly new music and performance series at Bushwick Community Darkroom: featuring Gwendolyn Fitz, Chris Carr, WaterLynx duo with Allyson Clare, and Public Speaking

12/11/18-1/6/19: so-fi festival winter mini series at Torn Page in Chelsea, New York: Performing live music with Nate Gebhard’s SAINT EX on 12/11, 12,12, 12/18, and 1/5/19

11/18/18: Orchestra Amadeus- Mahler 6 at Fourth Universalist Society in the City of New York

10/27/18: OmniCortex at Bushwick Community Darkroom: Three Realms One Venue with WaterLynx Quartet, Cookie Tongue, and Alice Alice

10/20/18: Witching Hour- An October Art Party at the City Reliquary with Cookie Tongue

9/20/18-9/22/18 Oye! Avant Gard Night Festival at JACK in Brooklyn, performed with Animal Engine

7/14/18: Artery- Country Music for City Folk

7/8/18: Artery NYC and JAPAN

6/25/18: Orchestra Amadeus Benefit Concert for Guatemala Disaster Relief, Concert Master @ Church of St. Francis Xavier, 46 W. 16th St

6/16/18: …Composers Performing Composers Performing Composers Performing… with Natalia Steinbach, Ethan Philbrick, and Amos Fisher, Concert #2 of Distinct & Distort: a mostly new music series @ Bushwick Community Darkroom

6/14/18 An Evening of Unconventional Song Part 2: Natalia Steinbach~ WaterLynx, Malini Sridharan, Concetta Abbate, and Cookie Tongue at Pine Box Rock Shop in Bushwick, Brooklyn, NY

5/27/18- WaterLynx Solo Show at Pine Box Rock Shop in Bushwick, Brooklyn, NY

4/26/18- Pete’s Candy Story in Brooklyn, NY: An Evening of Unconventional Song, Waterlynx solo set with Concetta Abbate, Malini Sridharan, and Cookie Tongue

4/14/18- Dixon Place in NY: SIX PIECES FOR SOLO CELLO AND STRING QUARTET by Ethan Philbrick (performed in string quartet compositions)

3/17/18– A Night of Unique Duos at Bushwick Community Darkroom Featuring Natalia Steinbach & Leah Asher, SLEEPTALK with Natalia Steinbach & David Grollman, James Moore and Andie Springer and Berrow Duo with Thea Mesirow and Leia Slosberg, Brooklyn, NY

3/11/18 Performed in String Trio as part of Colin Self’s Sci-Fi Opera, Siblings (Elation VI) in the VW Dome at MoMA PS1 in Queens, NY

3/4/18- Open String Quartet Sight-Reading Session for String Players with Concetta Abbate at Animal Church in Brooklyn, NY

2/22/18- Nobody’s Muse: Artery Showcase featuring Female Singer-Songwriters- Performed WaterLynx Solo and with Dad Rock in Park Slope, Brooklyn

2/5/18- Concert Master with Orchestra Amadeus at St. James Cathedral Basilica in Brooklyn, NY for Human Requiem: Brahms’ Ein deutsches Requiem benefit for the prevention of gun violence

1/28/18- WaterLynx Solo Set Violin/Vocals Show at 30 Days of Art at FourFiveSix Lounge in Brooklyn Hosted by GAMBA Magazine and Brooklyn Wildlife

1/26/18- WaterLynx Solo Show with Babies’ Babies hosted by Mara Mayer and Artery NYC in Brooklyn, NY

12/2/17- Musicians of Mercy Benefit Concert for Sierra Leone and Puerto Rico: Concertmaster Orchestral Concert in DC- Dvorak’s New World Symphony

8/27/17- JAPAN (Jefferson Ave Performance Art Night) hosted by Waylen Roche and Artery WaterLynx Solo Show in Bed-Stuy Brooklyn

7/13/17- Violin performance for Hee Ran Lee’s Performance Art Piece Blow It!! at Fergus McCaffrey Gallery in Manhattan, NY

12/3/16- Private Solo Violin Benefit Concert, Carroll Gardens, Brooklyn

12/2/16- WaterLynx solo set-The Island of Gambazini Presents @ Hell Phone in Brooklyn, NY

11/16/16- Benefit Show for RAINN with Public Speaking, Jason Harris and Storm Garner, at Park Church Co-op in Brooklyn, NY

10/7/16- Borrowed Birds Record Label Launch Show: WaterLynx, Meaner Pencil, Jonathan Wood Vincent, at Park Church Co-op in Brooklyn, NY

3/27/16- Gallery 456 in Soho Manhattan SLEEP TALK Performance with While We Still Have Bodies, Kamron Saniee and Onee Point Zou Zhao

2/26/16-2/28/16  XFest – an annual festival of improvised music, visuals and movement, performed with SLEEP TALK and improvised in random groups, Holyoke, MA

1/9/16 WaterLynx Solo Set @ My Life in the Bush of Ghosts alongside Matt Luczak, Third Party, Out Da Pocket, Anrrea Dune, and Animals against Humans in New Paltz, NY

12/15/15 WaterLynx Solo Set for The Brooklyn Experimental Song Revival @ Panoply Performance Laboratory in Brooklyn, NY

12/12/15 WaterLynx Solo Set with guests including Alex Cohen on drums for Non Grata’s Diverse Universe @ The Gowanus Ballroom in Brooklyn, NY

10/31/15 Improv&Metal Duo with Alex Cohen @ R&D Studios in Bushwick, Halloween Show, Brooklyn, NY

10/28/15 Improv&Metal Duo with Alex Cohen @ Panoply Performance Laboratory for David Grollman’s Birthday Show! Brooklyn, NY

10/22/15 NRC @ Grace Exhibition Space for Trauma Salon in Brooklyn as part of PF: QUINQ

The Brooklyn Experimental Song Carnival:

10/7/15 NRC @ Panoply Performance Laboratory with Jeff Young, Anais Maviel, and Ellen O

10/3/15 NRC @ Panoply Performance Laboratory with Grex, India Czajkowska, and PPL

9/30/15 NRC @ Bushwick Community Darkroom with April Fish, Jaggery, and Frogbelly and Symphony

9/25/15 NRC @ Torus Porta with M. Lamar, H. Honne Wells, Timeghost, Brooklyn, NY

9/22/15 NRC @ JACK with Emile Lesbros, Lipchitz, Laurie Amat, and Jonathan Wood Vincent, Brooklyn, NY

9/12/15 NRC @ The Cloud Club in Boston, MA with Joy On Fire

9/16/15 NRC @ Bar Matchless in Brooklyn, NY with Hungry March Band, and The Human JukeBox Brass Band

9/20/15 The Music and Art of Paul J. Gallagher hosted by Ella Ackerman with Valerie Kuehne and Martha Cargo, Concert Hall at Drew University in Madison, NJ

9/21/15 NRC @ Spectrum in New York, NY with The Jazzfakers, Aaron Moore, Adam Bohman and Clive Graham, and Schuyler Tsuda

9/9/15 The Music and Art of Paul J. Gallagher with Feathered Serpent Productions, Ella Ackerman, Valerie Kuehne, and Martha Cargo @ Spectrum in Manhattan, NY

08/21/15 Livermore Falls, ME – Frantasia Festival NRC
w/Tatsuya Nakatani + Spreaders & Matt Luczak + ID M Theft Able
08/15/15 Baltimore, MD – Church and Company NRC
w/ Elegabalus + Snakefeast + ¡Stuporgroup!
07/26/15 Madison, NJ – Studio Yoga
The Music of Paul Gallagher w/ Ella Ackerman + Martha Cargo
07/23/15 Brooklyn, NY – Panoply Performance Laboratory – Trauma Salon NRC
w/Hey Exit + Becca Epstein + Courtney Lee Novak + Meaner Pencil
07/16/15 New York, NY – ABC no Rio NRC
w/Tif Robinette + Uniska Wahala Kano + Jodie Lyn-Kee-Chow + Rudi Salpietra
07/14/15 Montreal, Quebec, Canada – Casa del Popolo
NRC w/Jane Gabriels
07/06/15 Brooklyn, NY – 65Fen Music Series/Delroy’s
NRC.   w/Michael Foster_Ben Bennett
06/14/15 Chester, NY – Seligmann Center for the Arts
NRC w/CO(P)E + Spreaders
06/06/15 Brooklyn, NY – Bushwick Open Studios/Pine Box Rock Shop
NRC w/Jeff Young (ThingNY) + CACAW
05/31/15 Brooklyn, NY – Five Myles
NRC  w/Marie Christine Katz + E. James Forth
05/28/15 Brooklyn, NY – Jack
NRC w/The Adelphi University Percussion Ensemble + Ben Lewis & Lyndsey Anderson & Owen Weaver
05/15/15 Berlin, Germany – La Bettolab
NRC w/Panoply Performace Laboratory + Future Death Toll
05/08/15 Berlin, Germany –
NRC w/Miriam Siebenstadt
05/07/15 Berlin, Germany – Culture Container
NRC w/Panoply Performance Laboratory + Future Death Toll
05/06/15 Berlin, Germany – Loophole Berlin
NRC w/Panoply Performance Laboratory + Future Death Toll + Rae Goodwin
05/05/15 Berlin, Germany – Meinblau Projektraum
NRC w/Kaia Gilje + Future Death Toll + Rae Goodwin + Elliott Jenetopulos + Katherine Nolan + Panoply Performance Lab
05/04/15 Berlin, Germany – Altes Finanzamt
NRC w/Lin-Chino-Ellenbogen
04/25/15 Pittsburgh, PA – Avant Classical House
NRC w/Dubravka Bencic
04/24/15 Pittsburgh, PA – Station P
NRC w/Golden Retriever + Joey Molinaro + HIGHDEAF + D.Rifle + Anna Azizzy
04/23/15 Philadelphia, PA – Vox Populi Aux Space
NRC w/Tyr Alexander + Pseudo Sibylline + Martin Freeman
04/04/15 New York, NY – Dixon Place
NRC w/Special Guests
03/29/15 Brooklyn, NY – Muchmore’s
NRC w/Jazzfakers + GaGouDij{Ya} & Nate Schieble
03/28/15 Silver Spring, MD – The Pyramid Atlantic
NRC w/Oa + Patrick Vsin & Nate Schieble
02/25/15 Brooklyn, NY – Muchmore’s
NRC w/Lucas Brode & SOKOL + Tongues + Barker Trio
12/29/14 Brooklyn, NY – Cameo Gallery
NRC w/Foxfires + Forever House + Little Band of Sailors
12/19/14 Brooklyn, NY – House Show
NRC w/Jonathan Wood Vincent + Shit Show
11/22/14 Brooklyn, NY – Home Audio
NRC w/Why Lie?
11/21/14 Pittsburgh, PA – Rock Room
NRC w/Black Blizzard + Joey Molinaro + Bastard Feast
11/20/14 Pittsburgh, PA – Avant/Piano Warehouse Concert
NRC w/Dubravka Bencic + Joey Molinaro
11/12/14 New York, NY – Performance Anxiety – Gallery Sensei NRC
11/08/14 Allston, MA – House Show NRC
11/06/14 Cambridge, MA – Outpost 186
NRC w/Robert Rivera
11/02/14 New Haven, CT – Never Ending Books
NRC w/Rollidae + An Historic
10/24/14 Baltimore, MD – The Holy Underground
NRC w/The Bowlegged Gorilla
10/22/14 Brooklyn, NY – Panoply Performance Lab
NRC w/Natura Morta + Trois Gnossiennes
10/12/14 Scranton, PA – Synesthesia Social NRC
10/10/14 Pittsburgh, PA – The Abandoned Store
NRC w/Joey Molinaro
10/05/14 Silver Spring, MD – Sonic Circuits Festival NRC
10/03/14 Baltimore, MD – Club K NRC

7/25/13 JACK in Brooklyn, NY Trio with Valerie Kuehne and Alex Cohen

5/10/13-5/18/13 Music Man Performances at Cranford Dramatic Club Theatre in Cranford, NJ

5/13/13 Violin Duo with Sarah Franklin at Infiniti of Manhattan Showroom, unveiling new Infiniti Car

4/19/13 “Upholstery in Brooklyn” at Panoply Performance Laboratory with Upholstery, Valerie Kuehne, Courtney Leigh Novak

10/18/12 & 10/20/12 Night at the Marketplace, Corpse Band with Nathan Windsor in Brooklyn, NY

9/13/12 Tinderbox Fall Fundraiser string trio with Alyson Greenfield, Nellie McKay, and the Banana Splits @ The Lounge at WeWork in SoHo New York, NY

7/12/12 string trio with Alyson Greenfield @ the Knitting Factory in Brooklyn, NY

6/25/12 Improv set with Valerie Kuehne and Michael Hafftka at Goodbye Blue Monday in Brooklyn, NY

5/25/12 Nathan Windsor and band at Bar 4 in Park Slope, Brooklyn, NY

5/11/12 violin with Allegra Levy Jazz Quartet@ Belleville Lounge in Brooklyn, NY

1/29/12 violin with Mill’s Trills Philharmonic Orchestra @ Littlefield in Brooklyn, NY

12/5/10 Principal 2nd Violin Musicians of Mercy Benefit Concert at First Unitarian Church in Baltimore, MD

2/1/10 Snake Charmer @ The Quarter in Baltimore, MD for 98 Rock’s Noise in the Basement

12/23/09 Snake Charmer @ The Ottobar in Baltimore, MD

11/28/09 Snake Charmer @ Sinix in Baltimore, MD

10/21/09 Snake Charmer @ The 8×10 Club in Baltimore, MD