Violinist, violin/viola instructor, vocalist, and composer, Natalia Steinbach began her violin studies at the age of two under the tutelage of Ronald Mutchnik in Ellicott City, Maryland. She holds a Bachelor of Music degree majoring in violin performance from the Oberlin Conservatory of Music, where she studied with Gregory Fulkerson. Natalia also studied with Airi Yoshioka at University of Maryland Baltimore County.

After graduating from Oberlin, Ms. Steinbach went on to embrace a wide variety of musical genres through performing, improvising, teaching, recording, and composition. She also brought to life her love of singing with her debut as the lead vocalist in the hard rock band, Snake Charmer. She is passionate about creating and performing new and original music. Through composition, Natalia strives to bring classical, contemporary, and experimental music styles together to form a new and unique genre that appeals to many types of
listeners and desegregates the musical world.

Natalia Steinbach now lives in Brooklyn, New York and continues to teach students of all ages using the Suzuki Method as well as a
combination of other methods. In the past several years Steinbach performed frequently as half of the musical and performance art duo, Naked Roots Conducive with cellist/vocalist Valerie Kuehne, as well as the experimental improvisational duo SLEEP TALK with percussionist David Grollman. Natalia also composes and performs solo material as WaterLynx and enjoys painting, meditation, and writing.


Natalia Barnatny Steinbach - Violinist photo by @richard.steinbach