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Natalia Steinbach Brooklyn Violinist and Violin Teacher
Photo of Natalia Steinbach Brooklyn Violinist by Chris Carlone


Natalia Steinbach is a Brooklyn violinist, vocalist, composer, educator, and visual artist. She performs classical music and a variety of contemporary and popular genres, as well as offers private violin and viola instruction. Natalia enjoys being a versatile musician and performs as a solo concert violinist, singing-violinist, chamber musician, in orchestral ensembles, as well as with groups/bands and performance artists. Natalia specializes in classical, experimental, contemporary, and improvisatory music as well as modern and popular genres including rock, pop, indie, folk, and more. She composes and performs for solo violin and voice as well as collaborates with other amazing musicians and artists. Natalia is currently collaborating and performing with the experimental and improvised music group Feeding Goats, the newly formed experimental and indie classical WaterLynx Trio, the classical orchestra New York Chamber Players, and with the theatre company Animal Engine.

Natalia Steinbach’s recent projects include her solo violin and voice experimental classical art-song/theatrical/neoclassical works as WaterLynx, experimental and improvisational duo SLEEP TALK with percussionist David Grollman, and the experimental, classical, and performance art duo Naked Roots Conducive with   cellist/vocalist Valerie Kuehne. Natalia  recently performed at MoMA PS1 with artist Colin Self as part of his sci-fi multi-media opera “Siblings” (Elation VI) and with Nate Gebhard of Spaceheater productions for the performances of SAINT EX with the SO-FI Winter Festival at Torn Page.

Steinbach released her debut solo album The WaterLynx EP in March 2019. The album features Natalia’s melancholic and ferocious pieces, layered intricately with passionate vocals and violin. Natalia Steinbach is a violin teacher in New York City and teaches private and group violin lessons in homes and her studio as well as at Sameach Studios in Borough Park and at Deeper Life Bible Church in Bed-Stuy.

Steinbach also organizes and curates a series at Bushwick Community DarkroomOmniCortex: a mostly new music and performance series at BCD. The 7th and 8th concert of the series is coming up on on 6/29 and 6/30/19. 

To see a full list of Natalia Steinbach ‘s upcoming performances and events please visit her events page

To hear and see some of Natalia Steinbach ‘s violin performances and original work please visit her bandcamp page and music page

To contact Natalia for more information about violin lessons and/or event bookings email her at nataliabsteinbach at gmail dot com or go to her contact page.

My music and art is about surviving devastation through the beauty of creation. There is beauty in sadness, suffering, and pain as well. Once there is acceptance of these feelings and emotions, the beauty can be revealed. We do not need to push away or ignore tragedy or great loss or trauma. If we can accept it, not be enslaved or imprisoned by it, and eventually overcome the devastation, the true beauty
reveals itself.”