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Natalia Steinbach is a New York City violinist, vocalist, composer, educator, and visual artist based in Brooklyn. She performs classical music and a variety of contemporary and popular genres, as well as offers private violin and viola instruction. Natalia performs as soloist, singing-violinist, chamber musician, in orchestral ensembles, as well as with groups/bands and performance artists. She is available for hire for concerts, shows, events, benefits, and more. She has performed throughout the US as well as internationally.

Natalia specializes in classical, experimental, contemporary, and improvisatory music and composes and performs for solo violin and voice as well as collaborates with other musicians and artists from all over the world. Her current and recent projects include her solo singer-songwriter/theatrical/neoclassical works as WaterLynx, experimental/improvisational duo SLEEP TALK with percussionist David   Grollman, contemporary-classical/improvisational duo with violinist/violist/composer Leah Asher, and the experimental, classical, and performance art duo Naked Roots Conducive with cellist/vocalist Valerie Kuehne.

Steinbach recently finished recording her solo album, The WaterLynx EP at Studio G Brooklyn with sound engineer and producer Tony Maimone. The album features Natalia’s melancholic and ferocious pieces, layered intricately with passionate vocals and violin.
The WaterLynx EP will be pressed on 10-inch vinyl and will be available for digital download soon. More updates TBA.

To hear and see some of Natalia’s original work please visit her bandcamp page

To contact Natalia for more information and bookings email her at or go to her contact page.



Upcoming Events:


Sunday, March 4th, 2018 7-10PM:  Open String Quartet Sight-Reading Session for String Players                                                                


Saturday, March 17th, 2018, 8PM: A Night of Unique Duos at Bushwick Community Darkroom Featuring Natalia Steinbach & Leah Asher, SLEEPTALK with Natalia Steinbach & David Grollman, James Moore and Andie Springer, and Berrow Duo with Thea Mesirow and Leia Slosberg


Saturday, March 31st 2018- Waterlynx Artery Show: BadAss Women in Brooklyn, NY with Taylor Plas and more TBA




2/5/18- Concert Master with Orchestra Amadeus at St. James Cathedral Basilica in Brooklyn, NY for Human Requiem: Brahms’ Ein deutsches Requiem benefit for the prevention of gun violence

1/28/18- WaterLynx Solo Set Violin/Vocals Show at 30 Days of Art at FourFiveSix Lounge in Brooklyn Hosted by GAMBA Magazine and Brooklyn Wildlife

1/26/18- WaterLynx Solo Show with Babies’ Babies hosted by Mara Mayer and Artery NYC in Brooklyn, NY

12/2/17- Musicians of Mercy Benefit Concert for Sierra Leone and Puerto Rico: Concertmaster Orchestral Concert in DC- Dvorak’s New World Symphony

8/27/17- JAPAN (Jefferson Ave Performance Art Night) hosted by Waylen Roche and Artery WaterLynx Solo Show in Bed-Stuy Brooklyn

7/13/17- Violin performance for Hee Ran Lee’s Performance Art Piece Blow It!! at Fergus McCaffrey Gallery in Manhattan

12/3/16- Private Solo Benefit Concert, Carroll Gardens, Brooklyn

12/2/16- The Island of Gambazini Presents @ Hell Phone 8PM: WaterLynx

11/16/16- Benefit Show for RAINN with Public Speaking, Jason Harris and Storm Garner

10/7/16- Borrowed Birds Record Label Launch Show: WaterLynx

3/27/16- Gallery 456 in Soho Manhattan SLEEP TALK Performance with While We Still Have Bodies, Kamron Saniee and Onee Point Zou Zhao

2/26/16-2/28/16  XFest – an annual festival of improvised music, visuals and movement, performed with SLEEP TALK and improvised in random groups

1/9/16 Natalia Steinbach WaterLynx Set @ My Life in the Bush of Ghosts alongside Matt Luczak, Third Party, Out Da Pocket, Anrrea Dune, and Animals against Humans

12/15/15 Solo Set for The Brooklyn Experimental Song Revival @ Panoply Performance Laboratory

12/12/15 Solo Set with guests including Alex Cohen on drums for Non Grata’s Diverse Universe @ The Gowanus Ballroom

10/31/15 Improv&Metal Duo with Alex Cohen @ R&D Studios in Bushwick, Halloween Show

10/28/15 Improv&Metal Duo with Alex Cohen @ Panoply Performance Laboratory for David Grollman’s Birthday Show!

10/22/15 NRC @ Grace Exhibition Space for Trauma Salon in Brooklyn as part of PF: QUINQ

The Brooklyn Experimental Song Carnival:

10/7/15 NRC @ Panoply Performance Laboratory with Jeff Young, Anais Maviel, and Ellen O

10/3/15 NRC @ Panoply Performance Laboratory with Grex, India Czajkowska, and PPL

9/30/15 NRC @ Bushwick Community Darkroom with April Fish, Jaggery, and Frogbelly and Symphony

9/25/15 NRC @ Torus Porta with M. Lamar, H. Honne Wells, Timeghost

9/22/15 NRC @ JACK with Emile Lesbros, Lipchitz, Laurie Amat, and Jonathan Wood Vincent

9/12/15 NRC @ The Cloud Club in Boston, MA with Joy On Fire

9/16/15 NRC @ Bar Matchless in Brooklyn, NY with Hungry March Band, and The Human JukeBox Brass Band

9/20/15 The Music and Art of Paul J. Gallagher hosted by Ella Ackerman with Valerie Kuehne and Martha Cargo

9/21/15 NRC @ Spectrum in New York, NY with The Jazzfakers, Aaron Moore, Adam Bohman and Clive Graham, and Schuyler Tsuda

08/21/15 Livermore Falls, ME – Frantasia Festival
w/Tatsuya Nakatani + Spreaders & Matt Luczak + ID M Theft Able
08/15/15 Baltimore, MD – Church and Company
w/ Elegabalus + Snakefeast + ¡Stuporgroup!
07/26/15 Madison, NJ – Studio Yoga
The Music of Paul Gallagher w/ Ella Ackerman + Martha Cargo
07/23/15 Brooklyn, NY – Panoply Performance Laboratory – Trauma Salon
w/Hey Exit + Becca Epstein + Courtney Lee Novak + Meaner Pencil
07/16/15 New York, NY – ABC no Rio
w/Tif Robinette + Uniska Wahala Kano + Jodie Lyn-Kee-Chow + Rudi Salpietra
07/14/15 Montreal, Quebec, Canada – Casa del Popolo
w/Jane Gabriels
07/06/15 Brooklyn, NY – 65Fen Music Series/Delroy’s
w/Michael Foster_Ben Bennett
06/14/15 Chester, NY – Seligmann Center for the Arts
w/CO(P)E + Spreaders
06/06/15 Brooklyn, NY – Bushwick Open Studios/Pine Box Rock Shop
w/Jeff Young (ThingNY) + CACAW
05/31/15 Brooklyn, NY – Five Myles
w/Marie Christine Katz + E. James Forth
05/28/15 Brooklyn, NY – Jack
w/The Adelphi University Percussion Ensemble + Ben Lewis & Lyndsey Anderson & Owen Weaver
05/15/15 Berlin, Germany – La Bettolab
w/Panoply Performace Laboratory + Future Death Toll
05/08/15 Berlin, Germany –
w/Miriam Siebenstadt
05/07/15 Berlin, Germany – Culture Container
w/Panoply Performance Laboratory + Future Death Toll
05/06/15 Berlin, Germany – Loophole Berlin
w/Panoply Performance Laboratory + Future Death Toll + Rae Goodwin
05/05/15 Berlin, Germany – Meinblau Projektraum
w/Kaia Gilje + Future Death Toll + Rae Goodwin + Elliott Jenetopulos + Katherine Nolan + Panoply Performance Lab
05/04/15 Berlin, Germany – Altes Finanzamt
04/25/15 Pittsburgh, PA – Avant Classical House
w/Dubravka Bencic
04/24/15 Pittsburgh, PA – Station P
w/Golden Retriever + Joey Molinaro + HIGHDEAF + D.Rifle + Anna Azizzy
04/23/15 Philadelphia, PA – Vox Populi Aux Space
w/Tyr Alexander + Pseudo Sibylline + Martin Freeman
04/04/15 New York, NY – Dixon Place
w/Special Guests
03/29/15 Brooklyn, NY – Muchmore’s
w/Jazzfakers + GaGouDij{Ya} & Nate Schieble
03/28/15 Silver Spring, MD – The Pyramid Atlantic
w/Oa + Patrick Vsin & Nate Schieble
02/25/15 Brooklyn, NY – Muchmore’s
w/Lucas Brode & SOKOL + Tongues + Barker Trio
12/29/14 Brooklyn, NY – Cameo Gallery
w/Foxfires + Forever House + Little Band of Sailors
12/19/14 Brooklyn, NY – House Show
w/Jonathan Wood Vincent + Shit Show
11/22/14 Brooklyn, NY – Home Audio
w/Why Lie?
11/21/14 Pittsburgh, PA – Rock Room
w/Black Blizzard + Joey Molinaro + Bastard Feast
11/20/14 Pittsburgh, PA – Avant/Piano Warehouse Concert
w/Dubravka Bencic + Joey Molinaro
11/12/14 New York, NY – Performance Anxiety – Gallery Sensei
11/08/14 Allston, MA – House Show
11/06/14 Cambridge, MA – Outpost 186
w/Robert Rivera
11/02/14 New Haven, CT – Never Ending Books
w/Rollidae + An Historic
10/24/14 Baltimore, MD – The Holy Underground
w/The Bowlegged Gorilla
10/22/14 Brooklyn, NY – Panoply Performance Lab
w/Natura Morta + Trois Gnossiennes
10/12/14 Scranton, PA – Synesthesia Social
10/10/14 Pittsburgh, PA – The Abandoned Store
w/Joey Molinaro
10/05/14 Silver Spring, MD – Sonic Circuits Festival
10/03/14 Baltimore, MD – Club K