PROKOFIEV Violin Sonata in D Major, Mvmt. I- Moderato


Natalia Barnatny Steinbach - Violinist




Natalia Steinbach is a New York City musician based in Brooklyn. She performs classical music and a variety of other contemporary genres, as well as offers violin and viola instruction. Natalia composes and performs music for solo violin and voice as well as improvises and performs with many other talented New York City musicians.

Ms. Steinbach is currently working on her full length solo album as WaterLynx, which features her melancholic and veracious pieces, layered with passionate vocals and violin, as well as “found” sounds, voices, and noises. The recording of the album has been put on hold due to a wrist injury. Natalia continues¬†to compose, paint, sing, and teach during this healing process.

To hear some of Natalia’s original work please visit her bandcamp page.


“My music is about surviving devastation through the beauty of creation. There is beauty in sadness, suffering, and pain as well. Once there is acceptance of these feelings and emotions, the beauty can be revealed. We do not need to push away or ignore tragedy or great loss or trauma. If we can accept it, not be enslaved or imprisoned by it, and eventually overcome the devastation, the true beauty reveals itself.”